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Child ID: FM6469-01
11 year old Girl in 5th Grade
Pants size: 14-16      Shoe size: womens 6      Shirt size: 16-18      Favorite color: pink, red, yellow, green
Hobbies: This lively 11 year old girl loves the Disney princess Ariel. She also enjoys playing with dolls especially with her younger siblings. She is in need of some warm clothes and would love a doll and a book. Her favorite colors are pink, yellow and green.
Wishlist: warm cozy blanket , winter hat, pants, l/s shirts and sweater, pajamas, LUCKY STEP Women's Sparkle Rhinestone Fash Sneaker ($29Ama orange and pink), Our Generation 18" Slumber Party Doll - Maria (Target $25), Disney Animated Classics:The Little Mermaid book ($10 Amazon)

Child ID: FM6469-02 sponsored by The Bucciarelli’s
8 year old Girl in 2nd Grade
Pants size: 8      Shoe size: 3      Shirt size: 8/10      Favorite color: lots
Hobbies: This little girl loves being with her family and playing with all her siblings, especially her baby brothers. She loves dolls and pretending. Her favorite character is the Disney Princess Ariel. Red, blue, black, purple, pink and white are the colors she likes the most.
Wishlist: warm blanket (maybe Ariel themed?), winter scarf and hat, shoes/sneakers and socks, pants, l/s shirts and a soft sweater, baby doll, Disney's The Little Mermaid Just Play Flounder Plush ($10 Kohls), anything Disney Ariel (book, toy, pencils, coloring book, etc)

Child ID: FM6469-03 sponsored by Corboy Family
3 year old Boy in Preschool
Pants size: 3T      Shoe size: 9      Shirt size: 4      Favorite color: red, green, yellow and blue
Hobbies: This toddler is ready to learn so many new things! He loves to play with stuffed animals, cars and build things. His favorite character is the one and only Spiderman. It's no surprise his favorite colors are red, blue, yellow and green.
Wishlist: Spiderman blanket, pajamas (Spiderman maybe?) and slippers, pants, shirts and sweatshirts, shoes and socks, a toy car , any toy that you can build things with, anything educational (puzzle, books, etc)

Child ID: FM6469-04 sponsored by Vans Fencing
2 year old Boy
Pants size: 2T      Shoe size: 6      Shirt size: 3      Favorite color: red, yellow, blue, green, grey
Hobbies: This little boy loves to play with all his siblings. He loves to build things and make the towers as tall as he can reach and then knock them down! His favorite character is Batman. Red, yellow, green, blue and grey are the colors he likes the most.
Wishlist: Batman blanket, warm clothes, shoes and socks, winter hat, bath towels, foam building blocks, anything Batman

Child ID: FM6469-05 sponsored by NH-S KEY CLUB
12 month old Boy
Pants size: 18-24 mos      Shirt size: `8-24 mos      Favorite color: all colors
Hobbies: This cute toddler has started to walk and is learning so much as he explores his world. He could use some warm winter clothes and pajamas. Also diapers and bath towels. He smiles when he sees Spiderman and could use a toy car for fun.
Wishlist: clothes, diapers size 4, pajamas, sneakers and socks, bath towels, toy car, anything Spiderman, soft books

Child ID: FM6469-06 sponsored by Avery Ball
3 month old Girl
Pants size: 3-6 mos.      Shoe size: 3-6 mos.      Shirt size: 306 mos.       Favorite color: all colorM
Hobbies: This will be this cute little girl's first Christmas! Her family and especially all her siblings are so excited to celebrate with her. Her mom loves to dress her in Minnie Mouse or Ariel themed clothes. She thanks you for anything you get for her baby.
Wishlist: princess blanket (Ariel or Minnie Mouse if possible), bath towels, cute clothes and dresses, pajamas, shoes and socks, lotion and baby shampoo, a soft baby doll to cuddle

Child ID: FM2765-01 sponsored by Swanson Family
3 year old Girl
Pants size: 3T      Shoe size: 7T      Shirt size: 3T      Favorite color: red, pink & purple
Hobbies: This little girl is a fan of Mickey Mouse and Cocomelon. She loves to paint & draw and play games. She also enjoys playing outdoors and could use some clothing to keep her warm this winter.
Wishlist: winter outerwear, pants, shirts, pajamas & briefs, backpack, paint set, hair accessories, sneakers, snow boots, stuffed doll

Child ID: FM2765-02 sponsored by Swanson Family
16 year old Boy in 11th Grade
Pants size: Mens 36      Shoe size: 10      Shirt size: Mens L      Favorite color: blue & red
Hobbies: This young man likes to hang out with his friends listening to music, playing games and watching soccer. Winter weather doesn't stop him from enjoying the outdoors as long as he has clothing to keep him warm. Blue and red are his favorite colors.
Wishlist: jacket, hat & gloves, boots, hoodie, socks, sneakers, backpack, pajamas, towels, Savannah Juice

Child ID: FM2855-01 sponsored by Henry Herrick
8 year old Boy in 3rd Grade
Pants size: Boys 8      Shoe size: Kids 1      Shirt size: Boys 8      Favorite color: red
Hobbies: This third grader loves to keep busy and has tons of hobbies! He enjoys creating and putting things together, whether it's building, drawing or solving puzzles. His favorite superhero is Spiderman and likes the color red.
Wishlist: pants & shirts, jacket, hoodie, gloves, twin bed sheets and pillows, arts & crafts, puzzles and board games, small electronic games, building construction toys, Lego Classic, action toy figures, teddy monkeys

Child ID: FM2777-01 sponsored by The Castelli Family
5 year old Boy in 1st Grade
Pants size: Boys 7      Shoe size: Kids 3.5      Shirt size: Boy S      Favorite color: blue
Hobbies: The youngest of four, this little guy is super artistic and loves to play all kinds of games. He enjoys any kind of active sport as well as playing board games with his older sisters and brother. Blue is the color he likes the most.
Wishlist: car/truck racetrack, cornhole, ring toss, horseshoes or bowling set, learning games, tablet, board games, gift card

Child ID: FM2777-02
7 year old Girl in 2nd Grade
Pants size: Girls 9      Shoe size: 4.5      Shirt size: Girls S      Favorite color: rainbow
Hobbies: This is a very colorful girl who adores unicorns and rainbows! She loves to play with doll sets such as Baby Alive. She also enjoys playing board games with her sisters and brother.
Wishlist: Target 52in Kids Extra Large Plush Unicorn, Life-Size Stuffed Animal Toy, dolls and doll accessories, such as Monster High or Baby Alive, Little Live Pets, board games, anything with unicorns!, gift card

Child ID: FM2777-03
10 year old Girl in 4th Grade
Pants size: Women's 12      Shoe size: 9      Shirt size: Women's L      Favorite color: purple and red
Hobbies: This little lady loves to dress-up and look her very best. She is super artistic and enjoys drawing or any arts and craft activity, as well as listening to music. One of four, she and her siblings like to play board games together. Purple and red are two of her favorite colors.
Wishlist: jewelry: necklace, earrings, bracelets and rings, make-up and dress-up, DLUCKY 208 PCS Art Supplies, Drawing Art Kit ($29 on Amazon), tablet or music player with headsets, board games , gift card

Child ID: FM2777-04
12 year old Boy in 7th Grade
Pants size: 14 Husky or Men's 32      Shoe size: 6.5      Shirt size: X-Large      Favorite color: blue and yellow
Hobbies: This is an artistic young man who is a huge fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and loves all of their products! He also is a football fan and the Eagles and the Broncos are the teams he roots for. He likes listening to music and playing board games with his younger siblings. Blue and yellow are colors he prefers.
Wishlist: tablet or device to listen to music with headphones, Philadelphia Eagles or Denver Broncos stuffed football, Nickelodeon NERF Ink TMNT Blaster (Target - $12), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Walkie-Talkies (Target - $25), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza 17” Backpack w/ Lunch Bag(Walmart-$14), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Interactive Watch (Target - $35), board games, Target gift card

Child ID: FM2852-01 sponsored by Augenblick Family
13 year old Girl in 8th Grade
Pants size: Girls M-L      Shoe size: 9      Shirt size: Girls L      Favorite color: various
Hobbies: This young teenager is super sweet and kind to her younger sister and brother. She enjoys warm, fuzzy clothing and cuddling up with a furry Rilakkuma Plush toy.
Wishlist: pants, shirts, Nike socks, sports bras, winter jacket, hoodie and hats, Converse sneakers, Crocs, Ugg slippers, Pillows, Ugg blanket - full size, Rilakkuma Plush, curtains

Child ID: FM6121-02 sponsored by The Lottier Family
6 year old Girl in 1st Grade
Pants size: 6      Shoe size: 13      Shirt size: 6      Favorite color: pink
Hobbies: This little girl loves to play with dolls and electronics. She especially loves Barbie. She loves playing in the outdoors with her siblings. Pink is her favorite color.
Wishlist: pink Amazon Fire Tablet (can be refurbished), bike or scooter, Reborn baby doll, summer clothes

Child ID: FM6121-03
4 year old Girl
Pants size: 4t      Shoe size: 9      Shirt size: 5      Favorite color: pink
Hobbies: This little 4 year old girl loves pink and purple! She loves pretending she is a student with her older sister. She loves dolls and would be thrilled with any Reborn baby doll. She would love an Amazon kid fire tablet, a refurbished one is fine too. It would help her with learning words and having fun.
Wishlist: Fire HD 8 Kids tablet, ages 3-7. Top-selling 8" kids tablet (Ama $74), L.O.L. Surprise! Folding Kick Scooter (Amazon $30.99), ENADOLL Reborn (Amazon $17-36 )

Child ID: FM6121-04 sponsored by Weisbrot Family
2 year old Girl
Pants size: 2t      Shoe size: 7/8      Shirt size: 3t      Favorite color: pink
Hobbies: This cute little girls adores her older siblings and likes to imitate everything her bigger sisters do. She loves baby dolls and would love to walk her in a baby stroller around the neighborhood. Pink is her favorite color and Barbie is her favorite doll character.
Wishlist: large baby playpen or a baby stroller (playpen $80 Amazon), doll stroller, summer clothes 2t

Child ID: FM6255-01 sponsored by Trinity Day School
3 year old Girl
Pants size: 6      Shoe size: 11      Shirt size: 5/6      Favorite color: blue
Hobbies: This little girl is a lot of fun and has so many interests! She is learning so much right now so she enjoys playing with dolls, action figures, board games, electronic toys and musical instruments to name a few. Baby Shark and Barbie are her favorite characters. Blue is the color she likes the most.
Wishlist: winter hat and gloves, sneakers, pajamas and slippers , socks and underwear, winter boots, Barbie jeep for dolls, hair bands and hair cream for curly hair, a Baby Shark toy, jeans and a top

Child ID: FM6129-02 sponsored by Ricochets Gymnastics
5 year old Boy in 1st Grade
Pants size: 6/7      Shoe size: 2      Shirt size: med. 8      Favorite color: blue, red and orange
Hobbies: This boy is 5 1/2 and in first grade! He is very active and loves to play outside playing soccer or riding bikes with his friends. His favorite characters are Mickey Mouse and Paw Patrol. He could use bedding, Mickey Mouse themed, why not? Blue, red and orange are the colors he likes the best.
Wishlist: Jay Franco Disney Mickey Mouse Jersey 4 Piece Twin Bed Set - (Amazon $64), Remote Control Car for Boys 4-7, Off Road RC Car , Cool Light (Amaz $22), Paw Patrol: Toy Figures Gift Pack, with 6 Collectible Act ($17), Hedstrom Paw Patrol Jr. Soccer Ball($10.99, scooter for a 5 year old

Child ID: FM6129-01 sponsored by Hargreaves
10 year old Boy in 6th Grade
Pants size: 10/12      Shoe size: 4.5      Shirt size: large in kids      Favorite color: red, blue and green
Hobbies: This boy likes to stay active playing soccer and basketball. He's a little obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog but likes Mario, too. Red, blue and green are his favorite colors.
Wishlist: twin Sonic the Hedgehog comforter set , Sonic the Hedgehog plush toy set, Sonic The Hedgehog Action Figures Toys,Figurines Collection Play Set, a basketball , cool basketball outfit

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