Adopt A Wishlist

sponsored by the New Hope-Solebury High School Key Club

New Hope, PA

A community making a difference, one child at a time!



Why do I have to register first before I can choose a wish list and why do you need my contact information?

When you choose a wish list, you are agreeing to buy gifts for that child.  We need your information to make sure that someone legitimately signed up to sponsor that child.  We will send you an email confirming your registration and a separate email with your chosen child's wish list.  You may receive a reminder email about the gift drop-off day.  We will also contact you if we receive any further important information about the child's wish list or if, for some reason, you do not drop off the gifts on Drop-Off Day.  Once you register, you may click on the tab "My Account" located on the top of the green field, enter your email and password, and your chosen child's wish list will appear.  We do not pass on your name or any other information to anyone else.


Will my name be posted on the web site?

Your name (or group's name) will be posted on the web site next to the list you have chosen only if you want it to be.  When you register to sponsor a child, leave the "Display Name" field blank if you do not want your name to be posted. 


I would like to choose more than one list and display a different sponsor name for each list. Can this be done?

Our site is currently set up to enter one display name when you register. If you have more than one sponsor name, you may register with a different email address for each sponsor name/group. If you prefer to register only once with one email address, please contact us at with each Child ID you chose and what sponsor name you would like displayed for each list. We'll take care of it!


Where do I choose a wish list?

Click on the "Wishlists" tab at the top of the green field.   We receive wish lists from different places: Fisherman's Mark, Wood's School, and other local sources.  Under each organization's name are the words "Available Wishlists" and "Sponsored Wishlists".  Click on "Available Wishlists" to view all lists currently available. Click on "Sponsored Wishlists" to see the lists that are already taken.  To select an available list, click on "choose this list".  A pop-up box will appear asking if you are sure you want to choose that child's wish list.  Click "OK" if you do.  If you haven't already registered with us you will be prompted to do so.  Follow the instructions.  A confirmation email will be sent to you with your child's name and wish list.


The children's names are not posted on the web site.  Will I be given the name of the child I am sponsoring?

Yes, after you sponsor a child, you will be sent the child's first name along with a copy of his/her wish list items. This is with the exception of our Local Children, whose names are kept private.


Can I buy gifts for more than one child?

Of course you may!  Just be sure to go through the steps to officially choose each wish list.


I would like to buy gifts for several children in one family.  How can I do that?

Each child is assigned a unique number to make sure that the correct gifts are delivered to that child.  With the exception of the Wood's School children, the first 3 numbers of the Child ID (found on the wish list) designate a family number.  The children with the same family number belong to the same family.  Choose your wish lists accordingly.


What if I am not sure if the child will like the clothes or toys I purchased?

If you feel unsure about your gift choices, enclose a gift receipt so it is possible for the parent or guardian to exchange the item.  When choosing toys, please be sure that they are age appropriate. 


Do I have to buy everything on the list?

No, these lists are wish lists.  Not all wishes come true.  We recommend that about $150 is spent on each child.


Should I wrap the gifts?

We ask that the gifts for the LC and FM kids are NOT WRAPPED so the parents can see them before they give them as gifts. You CAN WRAP the gifts for the seniors though so they get a nice surprise.


May I give gently worn clothing or toys?

We would prefer that all gifts given to the children are new purchases.


Why do I have to label each gift with the child's ID?

This ensures your child or senior gets the gifts you purchased in case of a mishap. Believe me they have happened! We have had donors mix up outside labels, forget to put a label on the outside, drop off and leave without checking in the bag, etc. Please label the easier one in the black bag like boxes and items that are easy for things to stick to. This really helps us:)


How do you make sure the gifts get to the kids who wished for them?

Each child is assigned a unique ID number to make sure that the correct gifts are delivered to him or her.  You can imagine how many gifts are delivered on drop-off day and sometimes a gift falls out of a delivery bag.  We want to make sure each gift gets to the intended child.  Please label every gift with the child's ID number (found at the top of the wish list) and the child's name.


When and where is gift drop-off?

Please refer to the Gift Drop-off tab for the latest information regarding drop-off location(s) and instructions.


What if I can't drop off my gifts on Drop-off Day?

We ask that you make every effort to find a trusted friend or family member to deliver your gifts on Drop-Off Day if you cannot.  There is no storage facility available at the school for gifts so we have to receive and deliver them to their respective organizations in one day.  If you really can't deliver your gifts, please contact us prior to Drop-Off Day and make other arrangements.  If something happens on Drop-Off Day preventing you from delivering your gifts, please contact us as soon as possible!


What if I have a question?  How do I contact you?

Please email Robin or Kaitlin at  We will get back to you as soon as we can.


What happens if the weather is terrible on Drop-Off Day?

We have had to reschedule Drop-Off Day in the past due to bad weather.  We will send you an email if this happens again as well as post information on this web site.


I forgot my login password.  Where can I find it?

You should have received an email from Adopt A Wishlist with your registration information including your password.  If you can't find it, please contact us and we should be able to find it for you.


Can I make a monetary donation instead of buying gifts?

Of course you can!  Monetary donations are used to purchase gifts for children whose wish lists do not get chosen from the web site.  We have been fortunate that every year we have been able to provide gifts for every child that we have accepted into Adopt a Wishlist.  If all of the wish lists are taken care of, any extra money is used to buy grocery store gift cards for families-in-need and local seniors in-need.


Who started Adopt a Wishlist and who runs it now?

Adopt a Wishlist, formerly known as Adopt a Child for the Holidays, began in 1995 by The Community Service Club (YES), later becoming Key Club and led by Terri Randol within the New Hope-Solebury School District. Our first year was a success with over 50 children sponsored.

In the beginning stages of developing YES, we decided to put our efforts into the local community needs and we found Fisherman's Mark in Lambertville, NJ, our sister city. They are experts in the needs in our community and had begun a giving program for youth and families for the holidays. We chose to expand the program to include an entire wish list to Santa by each child.

It is so exciting to say that each year we have met our goal and we have found sponsors for each child, thanks to each of you who have participated or will participate by sponsoring a child. We have been able to reach out into our extended communities to help as well as adding local seniors in need, too. In recent years, our community has consistently sponsored approximately 300 children!

Today, Kaitlin Doyle, Robin Hepp and Donna Marshall lead this program. We have many other volunteers. Together we make a difference, one child at a time.


Can I sign up my own child to receive gifts?

Adopt a Wishlist is a gift giving program.  Children are registered through various agencies and we obtain wish lists from those organizations.  Adopt a Wishlist does not sign up any children.  If your child and family need help, please contact Fisherman's Mark in Lambertville, NJ or the NH-S School District's High School nurses office.  Financial information will be required.